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360° VR Video



360° VR video has to include powerful content formats for viewer’s engagement. It transports audiences to the center of the story or message publisher would like to deliver, giving them a super immersive experience of a real-world or custom designed environment ready to publish or live streamed to major platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and TV channels supporting the format or even a dedicated application that can be developed based on our client requirement, your 360° video has definitely the highest potential to reach millions of viewers.

Our process as 360° VR filmmakers diverse differs in many ways from shooting traditional film content to developing a full set of tools and techniques specifically for producing 360° VR films or videos content to fit in cinematic film or commercial videos or even a full documentary.  

Our centralized team located in Australia is always ready to provide vraxa agents worldwide the full support to make sure that our clients got creative content and techniques and amazing output for better experience. Our agents will always use our cameras and tools and software and we work parallelly with them and follow up each project by project. 

We had incredible experiences producing great 360° VR contents in different fields like 360° cinema movies, commercial videos, 360° sports and football games, touristic 360° real estate, documentaries and even interviews in different cities and countries like Australia, USA, Italy, Norway, UAE, Holland, Canada, South Africa, Qatar, Turkey , ...

Why vraxa ?

We are global with global support from different experienced professionals forming a reach source of creative contents and techniques as a result of mixing languages and traditions and experiences and we have over five years of experience producing and shooting 360° VR movies and videos content and more than ten years of 360° photography to high standards.

We have produced hundreds of experiences since started the as a group of producers met together in common projects and have learned the techniques for both traditional capture of 360° VR and the methods for storytelling in virtual reality experiences. It’s the balance of this expertise supporting all our agents worldwide along with our proven process of production which means our agents are ready and steady to deliver on high profile projects on time and in budget and time.


Video Game Invention
Augmented Reality Glasses


After we understand the client and the requirements, we plan every step precisely. The planning phase is a vital part of any 360 video production process. vraxa planning includes the type and style of the 360 VR videos, the equipment to be used like cameras and drones and tools, the contents from storyboard and scripts to actors or models to the text and audio-visual contents, the subject environment and destination of the shoot.


We arrange all the equipment and staff and materials needed for the filming process. We have specialist VR cameras and motion professionals well trained by vraxa all over the countries our agents located, we capture some of the best VR video footage in the filming industry. We pay high attention to detail during the shoot with 100% focus on the final target of the project. vraxa trained all the camera men using its equipment’s and 360 cameras for great VR output and in case of huge projects our professional team will work in parallel our agents and ready to fly over if that was needed.  

Post Production

Once we get the aimed footage, we bring it to our studio to start the post production process which will be done between agent’s studio and the central studio in Italy where our professional designers and producers are waiting hungry to create a great VR experience and videos for you “Here is where the magic happens”. Our technical high skills, along with our vraxa production software and some other software like Mistika VR for stitching and Adobe programs generate the best 360 VR video possible. We work carefully to place your client or viewer at the heart of the video providing them a realistic and memorable experience.


We test the finished VR video project with all possible devices to ensure that it fits in all perfectly with great visual experience on mobiles, tablets, desktop. We supply the video in a high quality, efficient file size. The video can then be enjoyed on a mobile, desktop, tablet, or VR headset. The amazing part is not just deliver to fit devices but also applications like mobile application IOS & Android, websites and even customised applications and social medias like facebook and youtube and even make the content fully ready for 360 TV broadcasting and online live streaming.

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