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vraxa research & development 

vr | ar | xr | meta

working hard with cooperation between our team and many universities in Australia  and Europe as well as Technology Parks from different countries all over the world to make the virtual world accessible, enjoyable, easy and friendly


Virtual Box Studio

New Invention Fits New Era, The Virtual Box Studio is a new product line founded by vraxa, combining years of experience and research in virtual reality and mixed reality as well as extended reality. We come up with an iconic multifunctional studio fits in box (container) serving the virtual reality and mixed reality fields.  

table hologram

VRAXA collaborate with a reputable technology lab in Russia to provide the hologram mixed reality table, this innovation is ready to deliver since 2020 and supplied several units worldwide.

This Advanced Holographic table will make the 360 VR Tours enjoyable and interactive, this is one of our 360 VR Solutions that involved into our production. 



what you see in this picture is not google map or a 3D design, it is actually a live update of the full city that you can go all over it and access the little details in its corners and streets, you will feel that you are playing a game but you are in your digital city where control, planning and security became smarter, VRAXA is developing a plugin for unreal engine to make the process smoother and less development time. 


xr glasses

Mixed reality glasses is being improved recently by VRAXA and we are still working on it until it to provide 4k image resolution merged with your real life view and hand motions interaction, the glasses are expected to be ready for manufacturing by end of 2022

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