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Reality is what we create
NOT what we see

Visualizing your own project, business, space and even world using our team creativity and vraxa advanced solutions, virtual, augmented, mixed and even extended reality is our game that change the way people interact with whatever we create.

V R A X A  Portfolio


First Metaverse Museum Experience in Qatar

VRAXA used its laser scanning equipment to scan a part of the national museum in Qatar and turn it into a 3D module to developed a Reality Metaverse experience accessible online form computers mobiles and VR headsets for your guests from all over the world and meet friends in interesting places or make business meeting and conferences in your Metaverse space.

VRAXA is opening the horizons of Metaverse possibilities in Qatar and Middle East to use it for entertainment, business, education and tourism.


Virtual experience of Lusail Smart for INVEST QATAR

Scanned a part of Lusail smart city and make it interactive in VR mode and responsive on mobiles, computers and VR headsets for the use of presenting and showing case of the advanced Lusail control system and underground services Tunnels in international exhibitions and for investors.


Doha Expo 2023 Immersive Interactive Flooring and Walls

VRAXA Customized, Developed, Designed and Delivered an immersive and interactive LED screens setup for flooring and walls during Agriteq Exhibition for DOHA EXPO 2023, the setup was running

10 hours/day

5 days in a row

with total size 60 square meters.


Metaverse Experience Reflecting The Future of Finance and Banking

Created an immersive Metaverse virtual experience aligned with an animated fly-over future city rendered and built from scratch