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Demo Video about the new Mixed Reality experience for Qatar to bring it into Metaverse world.

Here is a demo video about the mixed reality experience that will bring Qatar into metaverse.

Visitors can move around in 360 dimension and interact with all the surrounding elements, as well as transfer to different locations to experience places and (tourist attractions in Qatar.

Different elements can be integrated in this experience to make it more realistic. For example, web-frames, 3D characters, videos, galleries, and many other inter-activities that will entertain the visitors and make them to enjoy discovering Qatar.

There will be a drop down menu where Qatar attractions are highlighted and available for walking through. Like, down town, stadiums, museums, parks, night markets, including the VR map indicating those locations where you can “click and go virtually”. 

This platform is flexible and is easy to be customized to ( fit different requirements. For example, By adding virtual banners you can promote your brand and sponsors or integrating a human characters in video format to deliver a specific message. 

This experience will generate a link to be shared on social media, as well as implemented on your website or application.

This experience can be accessible by different devices such as mobiles, computers and VR headsets.

At vraxa we are investing our technology, experience and equipment to develop the best mixed reality solutions.

Contact Qatar agent (PROFORM)

+974 30030389

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