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We are a creative team consisted of film-makers, producers, technologists and developers. Every member in vraxa has a creative background in what we actually create and we work hard on selecting qualified agents around the world who are part of vraxa and we work globally in one team shape. We are centralized in Australia and our agents with our tools and cameras and system and technology and full backup are around the world.

We had incredible experiences producing great 360° VR contents in different fields like 360° cinema movies, commercial videos, 360° sports and football games, touristic 360° real estate, documentaries and even interviews in different cities and countries like Australia, Italy, Austria, UAE, South Africa and Qatar as a head office for middle east region managed by the founders. 

VRAXA using the latest technology and equipment in all projects from Drones to 3D Scanners, 360 Capturing, Robots, LED Setups...

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