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360° VR Video


360 VR Navigation

We bring you inside any property or location you would like to see using vraxa software and cameras.

If you are a real estate owner or agent and you would like to market your properties in the right way so your client can visit the property virtually from any place or country in the world we are here for you, and if you are a business owner or retailer and you would like your clients to visit your shop or showroom virtually to discover your products and buy it and interact with your sales team vraxa is your solution.

Navigation is not limited to small spaces but also to big premises like hospitals, airports, universities and even public spaces like gardens. 


360 VR Tourism

This solution can fit for governments and tourism companies to bring any body and any tourists to your city or touristic spots like museums, parks, historical locations and much more.

With vraxa expertise and technology, our agents around the world and our centralized team can help you create interactive experience of any place that inspire, educate and entertain your customers, before or after or even during the travel tour.

For hospitality, hotels, restaurants, airlines or car rental services, creating a virtual reality travel experience is an amazing powerful way to give your brand an extra value and presence.  


360 VR Events

You don't have to worry anymore about the seats availability, your audience doesn't have to attend physically to you event but you actually can sell to them the VR tickets where they will see and feel like they are there once they put their VR headset on and we will fix one of our VR systems with camera in a specific location in your event as an audience space with and advance 360 video and audio equipment to get the full experience with live broadcasting so they miss nothing.

the events can be musical, theater, sports game and general shows.

Virtual Reality EVENTS QATAR

when it comes to solutions we take it serious because we are supposed to solve critical problems using our VR technology and experience and skills with the best of what we can achieve, since many years we worked on solving lot of problems and we got great experience to know where and how and why you need vraxa 360 VR solutions, we assisted many fields and plenty of businesses to use VR and 360 technology to solve problems such like films, navigation, marketing, tourism, education ...

360 VR Filming

The new filming trend was 3D movies last years but that was limited to enjoy mainly in cinema and huge screens, now it is the age of 360 and VR since the VR headset got popular and affordable and since all electronic devices supported the format of 360 videos like mobiles, tablets and televisions.

Viewers are enjoying a full environment experience with 360 movies or videos like they exist in the action.

Filming Location

360 VR Marketing

Take your brand or your business outside the traditional marketing tools box and see the WOW reaction on your clients face, a short 360 video about your product is great enough to take your clients into full experience and catch the right intentions to generate more followers or buyers.

Social media is the hit this days to advertise any service or product and the good thing that almost all social media platforms are supporting the 360 and VR video like Facebook, Youtube and many other application. 


360 VR Education & Training

360 and VR reshaped the way schools teaching students and the way companies approach staff training.

Students requires more interaction with the online learning which we can provide with vraxa solutions, we are ready to provide an informatics interactive 360 videos that will push students or trainers to interact with the teacher and with the contents of the educational 360 training programs.

At vraxa, we have helped schools, universities and industry leaders to create VR training programs and educational 360° films and VR experiences. With the ability to transport viewers to realistic with reducing risks in case of safety training.

VR Headset
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