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360 VR Retail & shopping


VR is considered a revolution in the ecommerce business where clients doesn't just buy products from a picture or short video but with vraxa navigation solution you can keep your brand image by showing the full shop or showroom to your clients with the accessibility to discover all your products and services and to walk around your actual store using our 360 VR tour experience that we provide it to your shop by reshaping your shop in 360 using our high-tech cameras and software with possibilities to create hotspots on each product to show more information and direct link to buy it as well. With vraxa you can reduce cost by giving up on your actual location and stop paying rent and salaries once we create your shop VR tour and interactive retail experience you will have a complete business set including location and sales team where we can include your sales team interacting and talking about your services or products and entertain your clients in VR. 

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